When Psychics Use Tools: What To Expect During Crystal Ball or Scrying Reading

Knowing what to expect from a crystal ball or scrying reading can help you decide if that’s the type of psychic reading you want to have. Talking about crystal ball readings tend to pull up images of a gypsy woman decked out in colorful scarves and big dangly earrings, seriously gazing into a clear glass ball, slowly running her hands all over and around it, muttering softly before her expression explodes in astonishment and she starts spouting words of warning and doom.

Most of those images have been ingrained in the public mindset thanks to movies and media outlets, and it’s pretty stereotypical. Granted, stereotypes have a grain of truth in their origins, and there are many practitioners who offer their services in a mystical atmosphere. Some of them are most comfortable in their own skin that way, and some do it because it still draws in a lot of customers.

While the past couple of decades have seen a resurgence in the belief in psychics and the paranormal, and the world that we can’t see with the naked eye, scrying and crystal ball reading haven’t really gotten the same type of support. In fact, it seems to have fallen out of favor, which is really a shame.

The practice of scrying, or using a reflective surface or object (such as a crystal ball) to tell the future, has been around for thousands of years. Over four thousand years ago, the British druids were using crystal balls to look into the future; the ancient Greeks used pools of water and other reflective surfaces for scrying; and in the 16th century one of Queen Elizabeth I’s royal advisors used crystal balls in his work, believing they helped him communicate with angels.

There are a wide variety of surfaces that can be used for scrying, including mirrors, ink, oil, water (Nostradamus was famous for using that one), and even molten metal. Smoke, fire, and crystal points can also be used. Most people are more familiar with the idea of using a crystal ball though, so we’re going to focus on that.

Crystal balls can be, surprisingly enough, be made from a variety of materials. Natural clear quartz is most commonly used, but other popular materials include smoky quartz, lead crystal and glass. Smaller crystal balls are sometimes made from beryl, amethyst, selenite and other semi-precious stones. And while the movies would have us believe that crystal balls are clear, perfect spheres, many people who practice scrying say that balls made of natural quartz with its internal imperfections are actually much better and those cracks and cloudy areas are a help rather than a hindrance.

When people go for a psychic reading, they typically want some kind of idea and understanding of how the abilities of the psychic work. Clairvoyants see images and are very visual. Tarot card readers interpret the cards that are laid out. Empaths feel and read the emotions of their client and, sometimes, the people closest to them. Mediums talk to the dead. And so on.

When it comes to crystal ball reading, however, the way it works is different for different people. For all who use one, it is a tool that helps focus their other psychic abilities. Some will go into a light trance-like state, while others do not.

Some see images in the ball itself. They may be static images, moving images like short video clips, numbers, symbols or letters. Some see these images within the imperfections, while others see them in the clearer portion of the ball.  Some folks use the ball to focus their abilities, but see nothing in the ball itself. Instead, they see the images in their mind’s eye.

Because these are psychic images, you will probably see nothing in the ball. It’s not like a television or computer monitor that can be turned on and shared with everyone in the vicinity. And, because they’re psychic images, they may come through quite clearly, but they’ll need to be interpreted and the reader needs to be able to accurately describe the scene presented to them. According to some highly experienced crystal ball readers, they can feel drawn into the visions for a totally immersive experience.

You aren’t likely to get a direct yes or no answer to a question. The spirit world seems to enjoy making us work a little bit for answers and guidance. But I think that has to do with the fact that the future isn’t set. It’s based on the decisions we make, so we have to have the ability to take the information we’re presented with and use it to call our own shots.

For a successful crystal ball reading, it can be a good idea to first talk with the person who is going to give you the reading. Ask about their experience with the tool and how they typically interact with it. Crystal ball readings work well with fairly specific questions, but again, don’t expect a simple yes or no, or direct answers as to what you should do. Make sure you take notes or record the session so you can go back to it later. When you’re ready to take the leap and have a crystal ball reading done, go in with an open mind. You’ll be amazed at what can happen!