The Top 10 Books on Developing Your Psychic Abilities

There is something we all must admit. We all have, at one point in our lives at least, wished we had psychic abilities. There is no shame in facing this truth. The fear of an uncertain future and innate curiosity are an integral part of human nature. We always want to know more and always wish to have the upper hand in every situation. But are we really brave enough to face all the information that we can potentially receive? For those that are valiant enough and for those that have already sensed some clairvoyant or clairaudient vibrations within their own soul, there is practically no way back. But which way are we to go forward? How does one develop such a gift? We are, after all, all blessed with a certain dose of psychic ability. If we only choose to work on it, we can get very far indeed. So what is the right way? Forward, of course, into exploration and embracing all the messages that the Divine has for us. The books listed below are likely to help you hone your skills and bypass some of the pitfalls of your studies, setting you on the right track to accessing the secrets that have so far been concealed from your third eye.

William W. Hewitt – Psychic Development for Beginners: An Easy Guide to Releasing and Developing Your Psychic Abilities (Llewellyn Publications)

Being a beginner is never easy, no matter which task you intend to undertake. Mastering a programming language, learning to make a number of different cakes or taking a hold of your psychic powers can be difficult in equal measure, especially if we are lacking someone to guide us. The truth of the matter is, good teachers are few and far in between, so an excellent book on the topic of our interest comes as a good second choice. If you are about to take the first step of your psychic journey, there is perhaps no better introduction than Hewitt’s Psychic Development for Beginners. A concise yet thorough treatise, it guides you through the nitty gritty of everything that you need to know in order to set yourself on the right track. No rock is left unturned and no idea skipped in this treasure-trove of information.

Lisa Andres – Gifted: A Guide for Mediums, Psychics & Intuitives (CreateSpace Independent Publishing)

The second book on this list tries to solve the age-old dilemma of how much of a gift psychic powers are and to what extent they could be acquired through sheer force of will alone. This is something that has been plaguing humankind since time immemorial and is a topic that many have attempted to make a final conclusion on – perhaps none as successfully as Lisa Anders. In her book Gifted: A Guide for Mediums, Psychics & Intuitives, she explains how we are all born “gifted” to a certain extent and how – just like any other skill – psychic powers can be developed through practice and commitment. Clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience are not beyond our reach and are actually closer to our reality than we might think. Even if we have never experienced them before, the author provides us with a clear guide and advice worth its weight in gold on how to start triggering our intuition and join the ranks of those that can see, hear and feel the energies from the planes above.

Sherrie Dillard – Discover Your Psychic Type: Developing and Using Your Natural Intuition (Llewellyn Publications)

Professional clairvoyant and therapist Sherrie Dillard claims that psychic development and personal growth are perfectly unique processes and that each and every individual should approach them in their own one-of-a-kind way. In this we are inclined to believe her, especially since the book from her pen dealing with the topic presents the concept in such a clear and easy-to-digest manner. She offers a quiz to determine whether your intuition is of physical, mental, emotional, or spiritual nature; and then proceeds to outline the correct course of action for each and every one of these types so that advice feels tailor-made just for you. With some work and a bit of imagination, you can further adapt it to suit your needs and reach the best possible results in the shortest amount of time.

Craig Hamilton-Parker – Psychic School: How to Become a Psychic Medium (CreateSpace Independent Publishing)

Psychic phenomena and mediumship are interconnected in such a way so that it is next to impossible to tell where one ends and the other begins. Each is almost a prerequisite for the existence of the other and each is in turn similar yet so different in a number of ways. Craig Hamilton-Parker attempts (and largely succeeds) to solve this puzzle, differentiate between the two, and teach us how to become masters of both. Regardless of whether we aim at having prophetic visions or simply communicating with beings that reside beyond the veil – his Psychic School is just that, a veritable course in developing all the metaphysical talents that have perhaps lied dormant up until now. The ideas hidden between the pages of this tome are bound to spark your intuition and set you on the right track to success.

Sonia Choquette – The Psychic Pathway: Reawakening the Voice of Your Soul (Hay House)

For many (if not most) people on this beautiful planet of ours, a gift of psychic vision is something they possess buried deep within their soul. It is not something they need to create out of nothing, not a handout from the divine they ought to pray for, not an artificial construct or a machine of some sort, but a blessing that has been bestowed upon them by birth. Still, many do not know how to use this gift and it remains in deep slumber for most of their lives. This voice of the soul is thus something that is in dire need of reawakening – at least if we wish to live our life to its full extent, embrace every little speck of potential that is weaved into the DNA of our spiritual and physical being. Sonia Choquette’s book offers us a guide on how to do just that – not to create a psychic voice but to rediscover it, because it has always been there, with you, all along.

Blair Robertson – Psychic Development: 3 Easy Steps To Developing Your Intuition (CreateSpace Independent Publishing)

Everyone has their own way of approaching spiritual matters, especially if they require conscious effort and practice. For some, certain ways of attaining their metaphysical goals are going to come naturally while for others they will prove next to impossible. This is why it remains important to choose wisely. If you find tarot and astrology too elaborate for your liking and would instead prefer to find a hands-on method of developing your innate intuitive side, Blair Robertson’s Psychic Development is almost certainly just the book for you. Filled with straightforward and honest observations, it presents a no-nonsense and no-fluff outline on how to embrace and perfect your psychic skills. Brief and to-the-point, the author completely avoids beating around the bush and simply lays out a system that works. Learn about protection from evil energy, the concept of time projected empathy, the use of numerology, pendulums and scrying mirrors, as well as the ability to read a person’s emotional state just by glancing at their aura – all in a fun and entertaining way.

Helen Leathers, Diane Campkin – The Spiritual & Psychic Development Workbook: A Beginners Guide (Spreading the Magic)

There is no hiding the fact that many of us lack discipline to achieve any of our spiritual goals. The sooner we face this, the quicker we will be able to overcome it and be on our way to attaining all our metaphysical dreams. In order for this to happen, the logical next step is to commit to a frame of study that will not allow for time wasting nor procrastination. Helen Leathers and Diane Campkin have devised one such method and, with their workbook, provide the psychic novice with a strong system on which they can rely on – always having a task, always a schedule to commit to, always a time frame to stick to, always a legitimate and accurate system of measuring their success along the way. Even if the title claims that this book is meant for beginners, many an experienced practitioner too could learn a thing or two from its pages.

Sanaya Roman – Opening to Channel: How to Connect with Your Guide (New World Library)

This particular book assumes that you are in need a guide on your path but that you are – much like most other initiates – unable to find one on the physical plane. It is a common situation and one that many struggle to work around. Still, all is not lost, especially not for a diligent student willing to be creative and go that extra mile. Instead of expecting to encounter a guru in your own town – why not ascend to the astral plane and beyond, and search for a higher power that will gently guide you through all that you need to pass? Perhaps initially requiring a little bit more effort, it is an idea that ought to be explored and one that – on the long run – may prove to be more rewarding than all the others combined. Reaching your psychic goals and honing your sixth sense becomes a fun game and a way to communicate with all the creatures beyond our realm – from elementals to ascended masters.

Donald Tyson – Scrying For Beginners (Llewellyn Publications)

The stereotypical image of the clairvoyant seer is that of a person – usually an older woman – peering into a crystal ball. This process of gaining insight about the realm beyond our own is called scrying and for it you can use not just orbs made of quartz but also obsidian mirrors or small pools of still water onto which you can project your psychic visions and acquire knowledge that is, for now, beyond the reach of the common folk. These sort of tools are not essential but can be a great aid to the beginner and help them focus and fine tune their intuitive voice. In his book, Donald Tyson explains in clear and concise manner how this is to be done and even goes so far as to give detailed instructions over how to make a scrying mirror of your own – practically from scratch! Exercises and invaluable advice are scattered throughout and the small tome is packed with useful wisdom as well as common sense.

Kala Ambrose – The Awakened Dreamer: How to Remember & Interpret Your Dreams (Llewellyn Publications)

Many people receive divine guidance not in their wakeful state but during the hours of blissful slumber. These messages can be just as accurate and just as valid as those processed during our conscious efforts to attain clairvoyance. This is why dream interpretation is an integral part of study of any medium-to-be and the messages the dreams provide should not be neglected. Sometimes, these missives are clear and uplifting. At others, they can be unsettling and difficult to decipher. In the past, dream dictionaries attempted to solve this issue but were far too general and reliant on universal symbolism to be useful to each and every individual. Nowadays, gifted authors such as Kala Ambrose use a much more personalized approach and allow the reader to discover their own path and form their own dictionary based on their own unique symbols and the messages they are trying to convey. This tailor-made method is sure to be an excellent boost to your overall psychic abilities and allow you to catch a glimpse of the world beyond – step by step, until you have a full grasp of it.