Clairsentience and Empaths: Feelings and What to Expect During a Psychic Reading

A clairsentient or empath psychic reading is different from a reading you would have with a different type of psychic, such as a clairvoyant. Clairsentients and psychic empaths experience the emotions of people, places and even things, while clairvoyants see visual images. Because they receive a different type of information through their psychic abilities, the readings they give will also vary from those given by other psychics. To see if a clairsentient or empath psychic reading is for you, let’s look at how these abilities work and what you can expect from such a psychic reading.

Empaths not only sense, but actually experience the emotions of people who are in close proximity to them. Many people with a heightened sense of empathy find that being around others, especially large groups of people, is emotionally draining for them. A lot of times they don’t even understand why that is, because they don’t understand their own ability – or how to control it and shield themselves from the emotional onslaught that surrounds them.

Just imagine being on a bus or commuter train after work and experiencing the confusing mass of emotions surrounding you. All those people – some who are angry at their boss or frustrated at the end of the day, combined with those who are just worn out, and others who are excited for their evening plans. Or being at a packed concert venue with people who are eager for the main attraction to take the stage, while others are irritated that the act still hasn’t shown up an hour after start time, and there’s someone nearby who’s completely anxiety-ridden because they’ve suddenly lost track of their companions. It’s no wonder they avoid crowds if being in them means having all those emotions tangled up inside of themselves at one time!

Trained psychic empaths have learned how to not only protect themselves from being overwhelmed by all the emotional hubbub, but also how to target the emotions being felt by the people they want to hone in on – such as the person sitting across from them who has come to them for a psychic reading.

Clairsentients are a little different than empaths in that in addition to the emotions of people around them, they also can feel the physical states and emotions attached to places, people and objects not only in the here and now, but also in the past or future – often including the spirits of people who have died. Clairsentients can sometimes sense what people are thinking or can feel if people are in pain or in danger. They typically feel the energy of a place and will often say they don’t like being in a particular building or other location when they’ve never been there before, especially if it was the site of some type of violence or tragedy. Their sense of empathy is even more highly attuned than that of a psychic empath and can be even more difficult to control and understand.

So why would you want to have a clairsentient or empath psychic reading? One reason would be if you need help understanding your own emotions about something. Emotions can be really tricky, and sometimes we don’t even know how we truly feel. I know I’m not alone in being someone who was instilled with the idea that having certain emotions was wrong, and for most of my life I buried those emotions and denied they were even there. After decades of doing this, there were times that I had no idea how I really felt or even what emotions were appropriate for certain situations. Had I known about clairsentient or empath psychic readings, I could have probably saved myself thousands of dollars’ worth of therapy. Disclaimer: I am in no way saying you shouldn’t seek a therapist if you need one. I’m just making an observation regarding my own situation.

Sometimes, though, we have mixed feelings about a situation. Sometimes we find ourselves in situations that make us not feel “right,” but can’t put a finger on what that feeling is. Or we feel anger, or some other emotion we know isn’t appropriate for the circumstances, but can’t figure out why. Sometimes the emotions we feel aren’t true – sometimes what we think we feel is actually camouflaging our true emotions. Sometimes we may be confused about how someone else is feeling and we need to figure out what’s really going on.

If you are having difficulty identifying or understanding your emotions, a clairsentient or psychic empath can help you decipher the emotions that are at the heart of the matter and, many times, help you deal with them so you can move on to a new stage of life or untangle a web you may be caught in.